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In this first edition, Colombia and Sweden have participated as guest countriesa.


They were 3 days full of activities. Professional meetings, success stories and much more.


Where 17 projects were presented to the international co-production.

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A place dedicated to share experiences.

The VENTANA DEL CINE MADRILEÑO is a project by AMA and the Comunidad de Madrid which will invite annually, delegates of producers and cinematic professionals from all over the world to visit Madrid. The aim of which is to promote possible co-productions and other collaboration opportunities with producers in our region.

Chosen for their innovative production incentives and the optimum moment that both cinema industries are currently going through, the guests for this first edition, to be held on the 12, 13 and 14 February in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, are Bogotá (Colombia) and Stockholm (Sweden).

The scheduled 3-day-program of intense activities will include various talks, debates, round tables and location visits. This first conference will also take in the presentation of MADRID CINEMA, the catalogue showcasing films produced by Madrid-based companies. This annual digital publication includes more than a hundred film titles and completes the efforts made by the VENTANA DEL CINE MADRILEÑO to spread Madrid-based cinema, to form international bonds and to attract foreign investment through filming in the Comunidad.



Company Producer
Bright Pictures AB Carola Hansson
Fasad Juan Pablo Libossart
Stellanova Films Cecilia Forsberg
Hob AB Peter Kropenin y Nima Yousefi
Silverosa film Anna Byvald
Silvio Entertainment Alexander Rönnberg
Little Big Anna G. Magnúsdottír
Instituto Cervantes de Estocolmo Joan M. Álvarez
Film Commision Ingrid Rudefors (Representante Institucional)
Company Producer
Señal Colombia Jaime Tenorio
A Cuatro Manos Sergio Cabrera
64a Films Diego Ramirez
Ciudad Lunar Cristina Gallego
Antorcha Films Johnny Hendrix y Alejandra Mosquera
Kosmology Steven Grisales
Cabecita Negra Carolina Mosquera
Dynamo Michel Ruben
Blond Indian Katrin Pors
Dramax Juan Diego Villegas
Proimágenes Claudia Triana (Representante Institucional)



Screenwriter Joe Rasullo y Raquel Carreras
Producer Raquel Carreras
CompanyChromosome 22 & DMNTIA

Jesse is a young man who has little success in all areas of his life. One day he finds a book which starts magically writing itself and giving Jesse the tools and the advice that catapult him getting everything he wishes for and fantasies.


Director Sergio Oksman
Screenwriter Carlos Muguiro, Sergio Oksman
Producer Sergio Oksman
Company Dok Films

In early June 2014, I took a plane from Madrid to Sao Paulo. In a few days the World Cup would start right in my hometown. My idea was to see from first to last game with my father, a stranger to me.


Director Juan Barrero
Screenwriter Juan Barrero
Producer Nazaret García Crespo Gentzane Martínez de Osaba
Castin discussions
Company Explora Films

A journey through the creative process and life of a unique and universal artist. A Spanish post-war boy who dreamed of becoming a goalkeeper but he became one of the most important and influential sculptors of modern times.


Director Javier Moreno Campillo
Screenwriter Javier Moreno Campillo
Producer Javier Moreno Campillo
Cast Denis Rafter, Prado Rivera
Company IN TIME Prod. Audiovisuales

In a not-too-distant future humanity faces on of its greatest challenges: the colonization of other planets. This will transform live on Earth and that of the Returned, colonist who left it all behind and are now coming back.


Director Sergio Martínez
Screenwriter Sergio Martínez
Producer Andrés Díaz
Cast Luis Tosar (Casting tentativo)
Company Zerkalo Films, S.L.

The human being is endangered. A man set out on a journey to amend a mistake of the past. But he will not be alone…


Director Hugo Sanz
Screenwriter Hugo Sanz
Producer Isabel Abejón

Alberto and Sara arrive at a deserted town that is being renovated. They are the first guests to stay at one of the newly renovated houses for a weekend.


Director Sergio Martínez
Screenwriter Sergio Martínez
Producer Andrés Díaz
Cast Luis Tosar, Raúl Arévalo (Tentativo)
Company Zerkalo Films. S.L.

Galicia. Two brothers in a poor economic situation, decided to burn some familiar land to collect some money. What they do not realize is that, at the time of the fire and into the land, his father is there.


DirectorAdriana Hoyos Naranjo
Screenwriter Adriana Hoyos Naranjo
Producer David Egea
Cast Clara Lago, Victoria Abril, Diego Cadavid
Company La huella del Gato, Numérica y Fabbro SAS

Leon, a brilliant and obsessed musician, walks a fine line between madness and talent. In his itinerary sprinkled with tragedy and comedy, he follows a belly dancer named Alicia, looking for love in a desperate way.


Director Manuel Bauer
Screenwriter Manuel Bauer
Producer Alejandro Lázaro (España) Sandra Yépez (Perú)
Cast M. Llanos, B. Oscanoa, F. Tovar, F. Cabeza, V. Rostaing
Company Kilovivo (España) TV Cultura (Perú)

Desamparados Station is a Road Movie that follows the Central Peruvian Railroad, a freight train, that descends from the top of the Andes to Ocean Pacific´s shore carrying minerals.


Director Irene Gutiérrez
Screenwriter Irene Gutiérrez, Lola Mayo
Producer José Alayón, Katrin Pors, Irene Gutiérrez
Cast Mario Guerra
Company El viaje films (España) Blondindian Films (Colombia)

Cuba 1989. Mario returns to Cuba after two years fighting in the African front in Angola. He’s going to the Sierra Maestra, his hometown; with him he carries his brother’s belonging for his funeral, he died in action. Mario finds a country deepened into a profound economic and spiritual crisis caused by the disintegration of the socialist bloc. When he gets to the Sierra, he tries to reconstitute the home his brother left behind, but while his brother is considered a war hero, Mario must find his own place in the community as every attempt to do so seem to exile him.


Director Floreal Peleato
Screenwriter Floreal Peleato
Producer Luis Pacheco
Company Secoya Films (España), Jaguar Films (Colombia)

Inés has the normal life of a teenager until she realises with fear and surprise that she is a reincarnation of The Virgin. Despite of being targeted and criticized she still believes in her condition and decides to run away.


Director Sergio Barrejón
Screenwriter Natxo López
Producer Yadira ávalos
Cast Luis Tosar, Eduardo Noriega (tentativo)

This is the story of a high class business man on a free fall. A guy that has been living the fat cows times and is now losing his life. In the decisive moment he will need to learn to value the only treasure a man can own: his dignity.


Director Arturo Ruiz Serrano
Screenwriter Arturo Ruiz Serrano
Producer Carlos García Padilla
CastErnesto Alterio, Juana Acosta ,Carlos Manuel Vesga
Company La Futura Imagen Sonora

In the decade of the 50s in a small Colombian town, two men must overcome a number of obstacles to take there the modernity embodied in the apparatus known as “La Television”


Director Rubén Arnáiz
Screenwriter Rubén Arnáiz
Producer Olga G. Ruano, Rubén Arnáiz, José L. Martínez Díaz
Cast Aranzazu Díez, Emma Caballero, Christian Stamm
Company Amblost Media, Six Feet Pictures

Sandra Munt is an archaeologist who in 1933 initiated the search of the legendary book Necronomicon. But this book is in the hands of the Nazis, and must risk his life to find it.


Director Luis Moreno Bernardo
Screenwriter César Strawberry, Luis Moreno Bernardo
Producer Salva Yagüe/Fernando Bonelli
Cast Rodolfo Sancho, Daniel Grao, Luis Zahera, Fanny Gautier
Company Consuelo Films

A gang of old friends, now about their forties, meet for the funeral of one of them. The reunion turns on a revelry in which they see how the city changed just as themselves, and will face what life has made of their dreams.



Director Sergio Cabrera
Screenwriter Laura Martel
Producer Ramón Jimeno
Cast Charo López, Julia Gutiérrez, Irene Escolar, Asunción Balaguer, Carlos álvarez Novoa, Paula del Río, Julio Perillán, Carme Elías
Company A 4 Manos Producciones

Ro, an eighty years old woman that has spent all her life doing and being what others expected from her, decides that it’s time to do what she really wants. In her adventures she will have to escape from the asylum and face her family.


Director Luis Villegas
Screenwriter Luis Villegas
Producer Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza, María Alejandra Mosquera
Cast Gustavo Salazar Pineda
Company Antorcha Films

My romance with the law began in the sixties. One morning, I was ready to go to school. My mother asked: Son, what do you want to be when you grow up? A lawyer, I answered. My mother replied: Son, the lawyers don’t get saved, they go straight the hell”, so then…“I will go to hell mother” He is GUSTAVO SALAZAR PINESA, “The lawyer of the mafia”, a contradictory and polemic man, a paradigm of the contemporary Colombian history.


Director Ciro Guerra
Screenwriter María Camila Arias
Producer Katrin Pors, Cristina Gallego
Cast Actores propios de la región de Guajira Colombiana
Company Blond Indian Films, Ciudad Lunar Producciones

Rapayet, a solitary native american wayuú from the Colombian Guajira, turns to the marijuana sale to get the dowry necessary to marry the women he loves. He achieves his goal, but realizing how lucrative the business turns to be, ambition takes over Rapayet and his new family.


Director Alfonso Acosta
Screenwriter Alfonso Acosta, Diana Mosquera
Producer Carolina Mosquera
Company Cabecita Negra Producciones

She doesn’t know why she came back, but they know exactly what it means. It’s the call of the blood… The machetes are waiting.


Director Pedro Aguilera
Screenwriter Pedro Aguilera, Juan Carlos Sampedro
Producer Pedro Aguilera, Cristina Gallego
Cast Ivana Baquero
Company Ciudad Lunar Producciones

Oliver, a young film director, discovers an erotic video on the internet starring his younger half-sister, Aurora, who lives in Colombia. Oliver decides visit her. His fascination toward her grows, both of them will start a steamy relationship with dire consequences.


Director Liliana Bocanegra
Screenwriter Walter Rojas
Producer Diego F. Ramírez
Company 64-A Films

Ricardo has fallen and cheated three women from three different countries. What he doesn’t know is that these will unite against him.


Director Pedro Miguel Rozo
Screenwriter Pedro Miguel Rozo
Producer Juan Diego Villegas
Cast Rosa Martínez, Diana Morales
Company Dramax – Alter Producciones

Amanda creates for her mother a fictitious life in letters and post-dated photos that can cover the suicide that her sister Julieta has planned to commit.


Director Gonzalo López Gallego
Screenwriter Guillaume Enard
Producer Michel Ruben
Company Dynamo / Cactus Flower

A Young woman from an isolated Indian tribe in Northern Colombia flees her village to seek a cure for her son, the victim of a mysterious demonic being that haunts them.


Director Juan Díaz B.
Screenwriter Juan Díaz B.
Producer Steven Grisales
Company Kosmology

Cassandra and Costa are a couple with opposite views of the world and perceptions of the future. Their relationship will collapse to the limit of madness, due to their fears, paranoias and ideas of the oncoming.



Screenwriter Dunja Vujovic, Alexander Rönnberg
Producer Alexander Rönnberg
Company Silvio Entertainment

White darkness is a satirical horror film, set in a remote mysterious village in Colombia where a dark and eerie story about growing up and discovering life and death unfolds before our eyes.


Screenwriter Josefine Broman, Cesar Galindo
Producer Anna G. Magnusdottir
Anders Granström
Company Little Big Productions AB

An adventure about a young girl who is chosen and sent on a dangerous mission of saving an old and ragged bird’s life by returning it to its habitat. The bird is the last of it’s kind and if the species dies out the world goes under.


Director Manuel Concha
Screenwriter Lars Bill Lundholm
Producer Carola Hansson, Börje Hansson
Company Bright Moving Pictures

Jonas is sentenced to 8 years of prison in El Penal de San Pedro for smuggling drugs. With the help of his love Deysi on the outside, Jonas has to face violent inmates and corruption. He sobers up and finally identifies what really is important: love, friendship, family and therefore he has to survive.


Director Angela Bravo
Screenwriter Angela Bravo
Producer Juan Pablo Libossart
Company Fasad

Early 80’s, Angela’s parents escape Chile and find asylum in Sweden. Growing up in exile as a second-generation political refugee, Chile becomes a fantasy Angela explores in a hybrid journey that combines past and present, live action and animation as well as fiction and documentary.


Director Linnea Roxeheim
Screenwriter Linnea Roxeheim
Producer Cecilia Forsberg Becker, Georgie Matthew
Company StellaNova Film

Young Boys se sitúa en el mundo de los hooligans en Suecia. Joel, de 18 años, se une a un equipo de futbol pero mantiene su nueva identidad oculta de cara a su familia. Por una serie de circunstancias, Joel se tendrá que enfrentar a la decisión de abandonar su nueva vida o perder para siempre a su familia.


Director Nathalie álvarez
Screenwriter Nathalie álvarez
Producer Peter Krupenin
Company Hob AB

La película se sitúa en Latinoamérica, en un pequeño y conservador pueblo con una fuerte tradición religiosa. Clara, 35 años, padece un profundo autismo y una escoliosis severa. Se esfuerza no sólo por contener sus sentimientos hacia los hombres sino sobre todo por controlar sus deseos sexuales, ya que es consciente de que nunca serían aceptados por su abuela, la cual sigue tratándola como a una niña


The first VENTANA DEL CINE MADRILEÑO will also receive the visit of 3 reputed international location managers who will follow an specially designed program of activities that will lead them to different places and locations in the region of Madrid.

Antonin Depardieu- FRANCE

Location manager in internacional films as ‘Munich’ (Steven Spielbergh, 2005),  ‘Midnight in Paris’ (Woody Allen, 2011), ‘Hugo’ (Martin Scorsese, 2011) or ‘RED 2’ (Dean Parisot, 2013), among others.

Besides, Antonin Depardieu did also participate as location manager in the TV series ‘The Soprano’.

Robert Earl Craft – USA

Location manager in internacional films as ‘Pulp Fiction’ (Quentin Tarantino, 1994), ‘Jackie Brown’ (Quentin Tarantino, 1997), ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ (Robert Rodriguez, 1996) or ‘Gattaca’ (Andrew Niccol, 1997), entre otros.

Besides, Bob Craft has also located for TV series as ‘Monk’.

Michael J. Burmeister – USA

Location manager in internacional films as ‘True Lies’ (James Cameron, 1994) ‘Casino’ (Martin Scorsese, 1995), ‘Terminator Salvation’ (McG, 2009), ‘Transformers 2’ (Michael Bay, 2009), ‘Tron Legacy’ (Joseph Kosinski, 2010) or ‘Need for Speed’ (Scott Waugh, 2014), among many others.

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