Edition 2019

Ventana del Cine


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The V Edition of the Ventana del Cine Madrileño will take place from October 23rd to 25th, 2019 in Madrid with Argentina, Brussels and Canada as special guests.



Activities 2019


We will soon post the 2019 activities’ schedule. You can check last edition’s info here.


European and American audiovisual producers come together to look for common ground on future projects

International co-productions

Creating collaborative networks and connections in the European and American audiovisual sectors.


October 23-25 in Madrid, with special guests Argentina, Brussels and Canada.


The Madrid Audiovisual Association, the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council, together with the Ministry of Sports and Culture.

Co-production forum

Works selected by an international panel will be presented at a public event.


Professional meetings

The Ventana del Cine Madrileño began in 2015. It is an event for professionals in the audiovisual sector, which focuses on co-production. Each year, two countries are invited to attend with the goal of not only creating alliances, but to share knowledge through talks, conferences and round tables

Argentina, Brussels and Canada


This year the territories that have been invited to attend the Ventana del Cine Madrileño are Argentina, Brussels and Canada. Collaborative partners in this fifth edition include INCAA, hub.brussels, Brussels Days and Telefilm Canada.

Come to Madrid!

Madrid is a world capital when it comes to culture, leisure and business. Visiting the Ventana del Cine is easy thanks to a wide range of hotel and transportation options. To facilitate your visit, have a look at these travel guides, prepared by the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council.

Contact Film Madrid  if you want to shoot in the Community of Madrid, and with City of Madrid Film Office if you want to shoot in the city of Madrid.


During the Ventana del Cine Madrileño, a variety of activities will take place. A look at our calendar will help you choose which of these you’d like to participate in.