V Edition

Ventana CineMad

Accreditations will be open for the 6 Edition 2020

October 23-25, 2019.
Special guests: Argentina, Brussels and Canada.

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At the fifth edition of Ventana CineMad, 20 projects from Argentina, Brussels, Canada and Madrid have been shown. In addition to the pitch sessions (fiction and documentary) and meetings amongst producers, there have been panels and various networking events with Madrid as the backdrop. Monetary prizes have been awarded to the most outstanding of the 20 selected projects.

Previously on Ventana CineMad

An event focusing on international co-production and exchange.

Ventana CineMad 2019

Video of the V Edition of Ventana CineMad 2019. 

Ventana de Cine Madrileño 2018

Video presentation of the 2018 Ventana CineMad.

Ventande cine 2015 1:49

The Community of Madrid brings its vision to the 2015 Ventana CineMad.