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9 Edition

Ventana CineMad

  • What kinds of projects are eligible? Feature-length films and TV series in the genres of fiction, documentary and animation.
  • How many projects will be chosen? Anywhere from 12 to 16 projects will be selected.
  • When Ventana Cinemad will take place? The 9th edition of Ventana CineMad will be held between the 2nd and 3rd of November.
  • What are the benefits of presenting a project? Projects chosen for the 9th edition of Ventana CineMad:
    • Will participate in the training lab prior to the forum.
    • Will be screened publicly on the first day of the coproduction forum.
    • Will be eligible for monetary awards totaling more than 60,000€.
    • Will be presented with a meeting schedule on day two of the coproduction forum.

Award-winners in previous editions of Ventana CineMad,

In previous editions of Ventana CineMad

An event focusing on international co-production and networking.